The Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Board assesses community needs in partnership with community representatives to plan, fund, evaluate and monitor high quality, cost-effective mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention services that are accessible to the residents of Delaware and Morrow Counties.

April  9, 2018

As we all continue to proactively address Ohio’s opioid epidemic, we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for all the good work that you are doing on the front lines of this fight. Every day across Ohio, first responders, and other front-line workers are answering the call to help individuals and family members who are being impacted by the scourge of opioids and addiction.

While at times it may seem as if the opiate epidemic continues to worsen we know that without all of you on the front lines working day in, and day out to help people in need, this epidemic would be even more catastrophic. We also know that this work is taking an emotional toll on many of you, and at times it may feel like a thankless job. Knowing this, we all want to encourage you to make sure that you step back and take the time necessary for you and your family to be, and to stay healthy.

Most importantly, we want you to know that you are making a difference! Thousands of individuals across Ohio are alive today because of you! Additionally, thousands more are now in recovery, thanks to the fact that you just won’t give up, and you keep on fighting for them and your communities.

To all our first responders and front-line workers, on behalf of the staff of the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team, the Attorney General’s Office, and the local Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Boards, Thank You! Your good work and selfless dedication to helping others, is making a difference for individuals, families and communities across Ohio.

For a video with more information about the Week of Appreciation including some ADAMHS Board Directors sharing what they will be doing during the week, click here.


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