Our staff works every day to assure residents are receiving high quality, cost effective services. They also must effectively manage the public funds entrusted to it and assure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. DMMHRSB is comprised of experts in the field of treatment and recovery.

To contact a member of DMMHRSB, email or call (740) 368-1740.

  • Deanna Brant, Executive Director
    Direct Dial: (740) 513-3001
  • Amy Hill, Associate Director
    Direct Dial: (740) 513-3002
  • Rhianna Mattix, Community Special Services Director
    Direct Dial: (740) 513-3003
  • Kyle Lewis, Community Relations Coordinator
    Direct Dial: (740) 513-3006
  • Karen Mohr, Finance Specialist
    Direct Dial:  (740) 513-3007

You can also contact us using our contact form.

Currently available positions:

  • Finance Director
  • Administrative Assistant

For information on these positions, please visit the Delaware County Human Resources Application page or the Delaware County listings.