May is Mental Health Month – Mental Health Matters! The Delaware-MorrowMental Health & Recovery Services Board (DMMHRSB) is celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week this week and a provider program, Stable Cradle, that is making a big impact in Delaware and Morrow counties! Maryhaven’s Stable Cradle Program is provided at no cost to support pregnant moms’ efforts to be abstinent and have healthy, drug-free babies. This is done through education about the effects of substance use, prenatal care, and how to care for themselves and their newborn babies. The program provides linkage to community resources for substance use treatment, mental health treatment and OB/GYN care, as well as help provide resources for baby items, maternity clothes, and transportation for doctor appointments.

So far this year, the Stable Cradle program has served 32 women. 18 of these women were identified to have an opiate addiction and 12 of these moms were able to deliver drug free babies so far. This program has demonstrated great success and has expanded to collaborate with OhioHealth Grady Hospital and Ohio Health OB/GYN to provide wrap around services for moms with opiate addiction.
The goals of the Stable Cradle program are:
• To increase the number of pregnant women receiving early, continuing prenatal care.
• To link pregnant women to substance abuse treatment services.
• To reduce the rate of low birth weight, addicted babies and infant deaths by creating ongoing mentoring relationships with pregnant women in Delaware and Morrow Counties.